Purple: Poetry #1: The Neon Diaries


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12 thoughts on “Purple: Poetry #1: The Neon Diaries

  1. Ashutosh Gursale says:

    This was so “Colorful”! Beautifully written.👌 The transition from Lilac to violet to lavender and then wine was quite interesting!

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  2. Gastradamus says:

    The way you write is so detailed which is something many writers are forgetting how to do. Keep up the good work and I’m sure your blog will boom. We would love your feedback on a few of our short stories at our blog Gastradamus. We really appreciate the follow and would love your thoughts. We just released a story called infant rice and if you leave a comment and tell us what you think, then we will be more than happy to promote your blog. Hope to see you there purple


  3. R.D. Maya says:

    thanks! i’m sorry for the late response, i’ve been studying for my alevels. i’ll be sure to get back to you soon when exams end though 🙂


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