Dangerous Dreams: Poetry #21: The Undefined Series


As a teen trying to figure out her path in life;
I have a question for all the parents or adults out there:
What are your thoughts on children following their dream, and doing what they’ve always wanted in life? Even if the career path isn’t a lucrative one, for e.g writing? Would you let them, or advise them against it and if so why?


4 thoughts on “Dangerous Dreams: Poetry #21: The Undefined Series

  1. Alexis Rose says:

    I always want my kids to follow their dreams. I may not agree with them and as an adult can see the pitfalls they may come up against, but its their dream and their lives. I tell them they have a feathered nest to land should they need it. That being said, the expectation is that they pay their bills while pursuing their dreams. Thats part of being of learning to function in the world.

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  2. R.D. Maya says:

    Thanks for commenting, it means alot to me because the everyone expects us to know exactly what we want to do with our lives by the end of the year, and i’m still stuck between doing what i’ve always wanted to do and pleasing my parents, so thanks again in helping me out :’)

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