Weekend Coffee Share: 14.01.17

If we were to have coffee, well I’m not exactly sure what we’d talk about. I’m an introvert and prefer facing new people through my computer rather than one on one, so I apologize if I may be a tad bit awkward.

Of Course, I’d take you to the local Coffee Bean near my school which I usually frequent when my mum thinks I’m studying. And if you ask me, “But why coffee bean?” I’d explain to you that it’s the only decent coffee place where I live, and also, its good coffee with free WiFi.


I’d try to order a Caramel Ice Blended with extra caramel and whipped cream, and more often than not, I’ll turn to you and complain how they never have caramel, and Instead be forced to  order a dark chocolate Ice Blended with whipped cream and chocolate powder, while shooting longing looks at the CARAMEL ICE BLENDED on the menu overhead. Recommendations, you ask? Anything but the Berry Ice Tea, it’s disgusting.


Isn’t it beautiful? *sigh*

And I’ve basically filled two paragraphs already talking about Coffee shops now, because conversations scare me. But alas, as we head upstairs, I lead you to the window seat overlooking the street, maybe even the couches if they’re free.

It would start out stunted, like the staccato of  piano music. I would fumble with my pronunciation, even though English is basically my first language (I say basically, because my proficiency In Sinhala, my actual first language, is terrible and a disgrace to my country lol). And I’ll probably start almost every sentence with aney, which is a Sri Lankan thing I overuse. It’s a good thing though and you’ll get the gist of it the more I use it, haha.

So, what’s your name, where do you come from, I’d ask. Are you a student like me? Working? What do you do for work? Do you love your work? I’d probably end up telling you my crow story and my conspiracy theory that they’re going to take over my school, but it’s too early to start off with that, maybe next time.

And after the first half an hour, both of us would be mellowed out by the ambience of the place and the smooth jazzy music playing lightly In the background. I’d ask you what inspires you, and I’d tell you how beautifully Markus Zusak wrote The Book Thief, how Khaled Hosseini made a masterpiece of The Kite Runner and since we’re on the subject of books, how the hell could I not talk about Harry fucking potter. Forgive my french, you’ll come to realise soon enough how much I swear.

How much Shakespeare’s plays irritates me and how doing literature essays on Othello is painful. Viki Fevers The Gun will probably pop up (Amazing poem, much love), and I’d tell you how I started writing poetry literally four weeks ago and have already posted 21 poems for fucks sake. I’d talk about how I aspire to write a book. I’d ask you what your favourite TV show is, and if its supernatural be prepared for me to fan girl and bitch about how they haven’t released a new episode In like a month.

And, gosh look at the time. It’s time to head out now, as we sip the dregs of our whip creams and coffees, I’m sad to say goodbye, but I promise you, we’ll meet up next week. What do you think of Tea Avenue for next time, their Peach Ice Tea is great.

#WeekendCoffeeShare is about what would happen if I were to sit opposite the amazing souls who read my blog. This was an Introductory post to what is to come over the next few weekends. I’ll try to religiously post them every Saturday morning :’)

Stick around to find out more about my ‘Crow Conspiracy’ next week 😉

images sourced from Coffee, Coffee Bean

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